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Rico Carty, the National League’s leading hitter, becomes the first player voted to play in the All-Star Game as a write-in candidate on July 7, 1970.

The Braves outfielder name was left off the ballot that was drawn up by managers and general managers before the start of spring training.

Carty signed a contract with the Milwaukee Braves as a free agent in 1959. While he was an excellent hitter, he had very poor defensive skills. Originally a catcher, Carty was converted into an outfielder in order to lessen his defensive liabilities and to get his bat into the everday lineup.

After four years in the minor leagues, Carty made an impressive major league debut in 1964, finishing second to Roberto Clemente in the National League Batting Championship with a .330 batting average and, finishing the season as runner-up to Dick Allen in the 1964 National League Rookie of the Year Award ballot