We sign a free agent. We hope for the best. We all know the sad story. It doesn’t always work out so well. Here is a great summary of some of the worst.

The Atlanta Braves have been active in the free agent market over the years, but not always in a positive way. The Braves have signed some players to contracts that turned out to be absolute stinkers.

As noted before, we’ve tried to combine both subjective and objective analysis here. We can’t just list the free agents who accumulated the least amount of WAR with the Braves and rank them accordingly, because WAR is a counting stat and some contracts were longer than others.

And while we don’t want to make this all about money, how much the Braves spent on a given free agent relative to the average salary at the time certainly has to be a factor. In other words, some free agents were worse bargains than others.

Also, we must remember that teams engage in free agency in order to push themselves closer to winning championships. Thus, how much the Braves lost after signing a given free agent has to be considered in our rankings.

With all that said, below are what we’ve determined are the five worst free-agent in Atlanta Braves history, plus a few (dis)honorable mentions.

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