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Andruw Jones will remain on the Hall of Fame ballot for at least one more year. But the lack of support he has drawn over the past two years proves most of the voters do not share the opinion Willie Mays once offered Terry Pendleton.

“I was in the ballpark standing next to Andruw Jones talking to Willie Mays and Willie Mays said, ‘Kid, you might be the best center fielder I’ve ever seen play,’ ” Pendleton said. “Is that not saying something?”

Though he won 10 consecutive Gold Glove Awards and drew comparisons to Mays in the process, Jones received a vote on just 7.5 percent of the Hall of Fame ballots cast this year. His total was comparable to the 7.3 percent received during his only previous year of eligibility. A player needs to be included on at least 5 percent of the ballots to remain eligible through this process.

Source: Andruw Jones gains little ground for HOF