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James E. Gaffney, on January 8, 1916, sells the Boston Braves for $500,000 to Percy Haughton, Harvard’s head baseball coach and businessman Arthur Chamberlin Wise, who will raise $600,000 to build Fenway Park.

The former owner, a Tammany Hall alderman and construction contractor, who bought the team in 1913 for $187,000, had recently gained notoriety as a target of Hennessy and Whitman investigations into political graft.

It is opening (April 12) day in 1916. It is a great day for a win. The Boston Braves will not disappoint us this day. They beat the Dodgers 5-1. Playing at Ebbets Field, the attendance is projected to be around 10,000. Pretty good for those days.

The winning pitcher is Dick (Baldy) Rudolph. Rabbit Maranville will hit .500 starting the season very well. Sherry Magee will bat .600. The losing pitcher for the Dodgers is Larry Cheney.

George Stallings entered his fourth season as manager for Boston Braves in 1916. They finished third, four games behind with a record of 89-63. Not a bad season continuing to decline from the miracle performance of 1914.

The World Series was back at Braves Field in 1916 but it was the Boston Red Sox who played not the Braves.

It would have been very special if it was an all Beantown series. It came close to happening. The Braves were in first as late as September 4th. The were close enough that they even printed tickets up. They weren’t eliminated until October 2 with only 2 games left to play.

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