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When you are 0-for-39, at some point you are going to break the streak. Unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves, it happened on July 19, 1972 at Three Rivers Stadium. Luke Walker singled off Cecil Upshaw to break an 0-for-39 drought at the plate.

The Pirates’ southpaw pitches three innings of one-hit shutout baseball to pick up a save in the 8-3 victory over the Braves.

Cecil Upshaw, the Braves pitcher that night, started having problems due to an unfortunate incident in 1970. He and two other Braves players were walking down an Atlanta sidewalk and one of the other players bet him he could not jump up and touch an overhead awning. He did reach the awning, but a ring on his pitching hand ring finger got caught on a projection off of the awning and tore ligaments in his hand. He never fully recovered, but was considered one of the better pitchers in major league baseball up to that time.

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