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Well … I never had any doubts. I am sure I will have much to say over the next few weeks. The most impressive thing about Chipper, in my mind is:

Zero trades as a prospect. Zero trades as a major-league star. Never bolted in free agency. Never tried the twilight-of-the-career cameo with another franchise.

Chipper Jones was drafted by Atlanta, played every game for Atlanta and retired in Atlanta. That’s rare for a superstar in the modern game. Fifty-one Hall of Famers played for a single team, largely due to the draconian reserve clause practically making athletes franchise property.

Once the reserve clause was struck down and the 1976 collective-bargaining agreement went into effect, however, only 16 Hall of Famers played for just one team (technically Brooks Robinson played his final season in the post-reserve clause era, which would make 17) in the modern free-agency era.

Jones will likely be the final installment in a run of Braves Hall of Fame announcements, but he’s the only one of the group — including John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox — who never donned another uniform.

Chipper Jones