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It is Dave Bancroft’s 3rd year as manager. In 1926, the team is not heading in the right direction. The Boston Braves drop from fifth place to seventh place, 22 games behind the leader with a 66-86 record. Yikes! My oh my!

While they only lost 3 more games in 1926 than 1925, they managed to drop two places.

The Reds blasted the Braves pitching on July 22. They hit 11 runs in the second in a 13-3 game. And then 3 days later on the 25th, Cincinnati third baseman Babe Pinelli brushed up against Braves coach Art Devlin, who had been harassing him. Devlin took a swing at Pinelli and the benches cleared. The police get called in. Now that wasn’t a good thing. They ended up arresting the Braves outfielder Frank Wilson. Cops don’t appreciate getting punched.

It didn’t end there. The next inning Braves Jimmy Welsh collided with the Cincinnati catcher. Val Picinich took a swing at Welsh and got ejected. The benches cleared again. At least the Braves knew how to brawl.