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We all remember Francisco Cabrera. A catcher for the Braves from 1989 to 1993, he batted and threw right handed. Origionally from the Dominican Republic and born on October 10, 1966.

With one swing of the bat, he became my hero.

Perhaps unfairly, he was known as a “good hit/no field” label. Hard to live a label like that down. He was used very irregularly as a catcher. In the 1992 NL pennant series last game, he came off the bench to deliver a stunning, ninth inning hit that won the game. He hit a two out single to left off of Pittsburgh’s Stan Belinda to drive in David Justice and Sid Bream. That ended the NL Championship Series. So there. All done!

What a bases loaded hit it was. This would be the second straight NL pennant. This was the first time in history to win a postseason championship for a team that went from losing to winning on the final pitch.

Cabrera was a reserve. He spent most of 1992 at Triple-A Richmond. He had only 10 major league bats in 1992. His hit brought him instant stardom. He even got a key to the city from Mayor Maynard Jackson.

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