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Frank Selee was in his 6th year as manager. He clearly was on a slide in 1895 having finished 1st in 1893, 3rd in 1894 and now 5th in 1895. The Beaneaters ended up 16 and 1/2 games out of 1st place with a 71-60 record. Ouch!

This is the first year that the team would have spring training in the south. While not in Florida yet, Columbia, South Carolina was the spring home. The team left SC feeling they could win the pennant again. Misplaced optimism for sure.

The first half of the season did see them in contention. They actually moved past Pittsburgh and into 1st by beating Louisville on June 11 by a score of 11-0. They then dropped out of the lead on July 3. That was a pretty important time.  The race was a toss up between Boston, Baltimore, Chicago and Pittsburgh. As of July 8, only one game separated the four teams.

A lot would go downhill from there.

Frank Selee – Boston Beaneaters