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Dickey is closing in on two milestones: 2,000 innings pitched and 1,500 strikeouts. He’s currently at 1,883.2 and 1,341, respectively.

So… he needs 116.1 innings and 159 strikeouts. Both are possible this season, especially the innings, but I wouldn’t bet on either, especially the strikeouts.

Dickey hasn’t K’d more than 126 each of the last two seasons, even after start totals of 33, then 29.

As far as the innings are concerned, it’s tough to say. While he has pitched at least 169.2 innings each of the last seven seasons, there is a lot of competition to make the Braves’ rotation this year.

This could mean a few different scenarios playing out this season:

  • Dickey spends the whole year in the Braves’ rotation (gets to 116.1 IP).
  • Dickey gets traded at some point this season (then gets to 116.1 IP with another team).
  • Dickey loses his starting spot, then moves to the bullpen.

If Dickey is better than expected, or the guys who are close to a call-up are worse than expected, he could see himself reaching both of these milestones in Braves’ uniform because the Braves will most likely exercise their club option on him after this season.