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Ted Turner

Ted Turner

There may never be another owner of a team like Ted Turner. He was a one of a kind character. The good news is that he loved his team and invested in them.

There were lots of sides to him. Ted was suspended for one year on January 2, 1977 by Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, due to tampering charges in the free-agency signing of Gary Matthews. The rumor is that Ted spent much of baseball’s winter meetings seemingly drunk out of his mind and threatening to kill Kuhn. Eventually, two of Turner’s company officers had to drag Turner out of harm’s way, and Kuhn suspended him for the entire 1977 season.

So what does Ted do? Well, the Braves’ owner, an accomplished sailor, uses his free time to pursue another goal, winning the this year’s America’s Cup, which he accomplishes in September.

I’m thankful he didn’t order me shot! ~Ted Turner