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Lloyd Waner (The Poison)

Lloyd Waner (The Poison)

There are some things as a fan you aren’t proud of. There are some records that are set where your team is on the loosing side of things.

On June 26, 1935, Pirates’ center fielder Lloyd Waner (his nickname was the Little Poison) sets the major league mark recording 18 putouts in a doubleheader sweep of the Boston Braves. He would later play for the Braves in 1941.

Not a pretty day for the Boston Braves.

And of course, 1935 wasn’t a great year for the Braves in general. They would finish dead last that year with the worst record in the National League. A 38-115 season is just not pretty.

It was also a year of dreams for Babe Ruth. He really wanted to manage. He came to Braves in February of 1935 as vice president and assistant manager. The Braves would give him a shot. To entice the Babe, the team owner, Emil Fuchs promised Ruth a share of the team profits (assuming there would be some). It just didn’t work out for the Babe.