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Foghorn Bradley - Boston Red Caps

Foghorn Bradley – Boston Red Caps

It was a one year career and yes, his name was Foghorn Bradley. He was born on Sunday, July 1, 1855, in Milford, Massachusetts. Bradley was 21 years old when he broke into the big leagues on August 23, 1876, with the Boston Red Caps (now known as the Atlanta Braves).

He had a 9-10 record and a 2.49 ERA in his one season as a pitcher. Not good enough to win a chance at coming back in 1877.

The following season he did not continue to play, but instead served as a replacement umpire, as he had in 1875 in the National Association. He did not get promoted to full-time umpire until 1879, when he officiated games in the National League until 1883. He would again umpire in the majors in the American Association in 1886. During that era umpires generally worked games single-handedly, and Bradley was no exception, as he worked as the lone umpire in every game of his career.

Although his career as an umpire was short, he was involved a couple of historic games. On June 12, 1880 he was the umpire when Lee Richmond pitched the first perfect game in major league history, which was also the second no-hitter ever tossed. Later, in that same season, on August 20, he was the umpire for another no-hitter, this time by future Hall of Famer Pud Galvin, throwing the fifth no-hitter in major league history.

In total, he officially umpired in 344 games, during an era in which more than one umpire was rarely used in games. Foghorn died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the age of 44, and was buried in the Philadelphia Cemetery; he was later re-buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.