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I am so glad Barry Bonds never was traded to the Atlanta Braves. Apparently it came very close to happening.

Yes, I am still angry that Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s home run record. Yes, I am convinced it was done with the help of steroids and shouldn’t count. And so, I am very glad the Braves got Greg Maddux instead of Barry Bonds.

Of course, no one knew that a steroid driven player would break Hank Aaron’s record. But he did and I can’t forget it.

John Schuerholz, GM for the Atlanta Braves in 1992, went to bed thinking he had landed Bonds in a deal that, years later, would have looked like robbery. He went to his office the next day making preparations to announce the trade and called Simmons to go over the timing of their organizations’ releases of the news.

One problem: The Pirates were backing out.

When manager Jim Leyland was informed of the return for Bonds, he went to team president Carl Barger’s office and voiced his disapproval. He had no interest in playing the season without his best player, even if he was in a walk year.”

Source: Book excerpt: Barry Bonds, not Greg Maddux, was Atlanta Braves’ first choice in 1992 | FOX Sports