Some great cards of Dale Murphy. Too bad he hasn’t made it to the Hall of Fame.

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I’m bad deciding that I want to go back and collect players I did in the past.  Some of the names of players I’ve collected pretty intensely over the years are Russ Davis, Will Clark, Jedd Gyorko, Bob Sura, Chris Enochs, Darrell Whitmore, Steve Seabol, Steve Kline and Dale Murphy.

While I stopped trying to chase everything of all of those guys, I didn’t get rid of most of them.  However, I did with the Dale Murphy stuff and I can’t even explain why.  He was my first “favorite” player.  I’ve liked some of the recent sets he has been in and picked up a few cards.

img068 1986 Leaf #60 Dale Murphy

This one isn’t a new card, but I just like it because it’s Leaf and not Donruss.  Growing up they were much tougher to come by.  This pickup was purely nostalgic.

img067 2011 Topps Kimball Champions #KC91 Dale Murphy

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