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Ross Barnes

Ross Barnes

Ross Barnes was one of the “four seceders” who played for the Braves (then known as the Boston Red Caps) in 1876. He played with Al Spalding, Cal McVey, and James White (also known as “Deacon” White). 1876 was to be his last season. He came down with “ague” and lost his strength. Is that similar to what Samson experienced? Ok, I guess not. It was probably malaria. Sounds weird though today. “I have ague”.

While some of the seceders were successful after their departure from the Braves, he was not.

In the early 1870’s, he was the dominant hitter in the National Association. He was so adept at the “fair / foul” bunt that the league changed the rules. He also hit the first home run in the National League.

And so, the Braves were a force to be contended with during this time.