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I appreciate teams need to decide which players to keep and which to trade. I must be honest that it irks me to see the Braves trade away great players for what appears to be financial considerations under the guise of “rebuilding”. He had five seasons left to play for us. FIVE I say. Nothing to sneeze at. Imagine the great plays during the next five years.

How good a shortstop is he? Simmons has won a National League Rawlings Platinum Glove Award, two Rawlings Gold Glove Awards for shortstops, and a Wilson MLB Overall Defensive Player of the Year Award.

So … this made me sad. Just one in a long string of bad trades over the last couple of years. Will it end soon? Hard to say but maybe not.

I long for an owner who wants to win and will spend “wise money” to make it happen.

And that’s my take.

For a big portion of Braves fans, trading Andrelton Simmons, the best defensive player in baseball, was a gut punch similar to what they felt when Craig Kimbrel was traded on the eve of Opening Day.To some, it was even harder to take, given that Simmons is an every-day player, signed for five more seasons, and quite literally the kind of player who was worth the price of admission because there was a good chance he was going to make a spectacular play or two at any game you attended.

Source: Andrelton Simmons trade another gut punch for Braves fans | Atlanta Braves blog