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Al Spalding

Al Spalding

The 1876 season was a bust all the way around. The “four seceders’ had made sure of that. Joseph Borden did not replace Al Spalding. The greatest excitement of the season came on May 30th. The Chicago White Stockings and the “Four Seceders” made their first visit to Boston. They played at the South End Grounds.

The crowd got so excited they tore down the fences to see Spalding pitch against the Braves (then known as the Boston Red Caps). Spalding showed why he was so good beating the Braves 5-1 that day. The season also showed why the Braves were devasted loosing the “Four Seceders”. With them Chicago beat the Braves nine times out of ten games that season. They went on to win the National League pennant and broke the Braves run of four consecutive championships. The Braves ended up in fourth in 1876.