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Ernie Padgett

Triple plays aren’t easy. Unassisted triple plays are very rare. They are an amazing thing to see.

I wished I could have seen this one. History in the making for the whole National League. No one had ever seen this before.

The first unassisted triple play in National League history occurs on October 6, 1923 when the Boston Braves’ shortstop Ernie Padgett catches Phillies first baseman Walter Holke’s line drive, doubles up James Tierney at second, and then tags Cliff Lee for the third out.

In MLB, a total of fifteen players have fielded an unassisted triple play,[3] making this feat rarer than a perfect game.[4] Of these fifteen players, eight were shortstops, five were second basemen and two were first basemen. TheCleveland Indians are the only franchise to have three players achieve the feat while on their roster: Ball, Bill Wambsganss and Asdrúbal Cabrera. The shortest time between two unassisted triple plays occurred in May 1927, when Johnny Neun executed the feat less than 24 hours after Jimmy Cooney.[5] Conversely, it took more than 41 seasons after Neun’s play before Ron Hansen performed the feat on July 30, 1968, marking the longest span between unassisted triple plays.[5] The last player to make an unassisted triple play is Eric Bruntlett, accomplishing the feat on August 23, 2009.[6] Only Neun and Bruntlett executed unassisted triple plays that ended the game.

Source: Wikipedia