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Jim O'Rourke

Jim O’Rourke

Harry Wright was the manager of Braves (then known as the Boston Red Caps) during the first season of the National League. The Braves finished fourth with a record of 39-31. The were 15 games behind at the end of the season.

History was in the making but I am guessing no one really knew it. April 22, 1876 was the first game of the new league. The Braves played at Philadelphia. They scored twice in the ninth. They beat the Athletics 6-5. The Braves had 7 errors but don’t mind that. Philadelphia made 13. In baseball much is relative to what the other team does.

The first hit went to Jim O’Rourke, the Braves centerfielder. It was a single to left. The first run went our catcher Tim McGinley. It was driven in by right fielder Jack Manning. It was a sacrifice fly to left.

3,000 fans showed up. It cost them .50 cents each to get in.

I doubt they saw this as history.