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Hank Aaron - 1957

Hank Aaron – 1957

1974 would be Eddie Matthews 3rd and last year as Manager for the Atlanta Braves. On April 4th he made a bold move. It is the National League opener in Cincinnati. He pencils in Hank Aaron into the lineup under the premise that Hank has never hit a home run on opening day. If he does, however, he will tie Babe Ruth‘s home run title but it won’t be at home.

So what were the odds he would do it this time? Hard to know but odds are destined to be broken and of course Hank does. In the first inning with Ralph Garr and Mike Lum on base on his very first swing (there was a 3-1 count), he wacks it out over the left field wall.

And so the record will be broken but will it be in Cincinnati or Atlanta?