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It is 1875. The season is over. The “Four Seceders” come up with a conspiracy that foretells the demise of the National Association. It won’t last long after their plan plays out. Al Spalding, Ross Barnes, Cal McVey, and James White (also known as “Deacon” White) announce that they are leaving the Braves (then known as the Boston Red Stockings) and will play for Chicago.

Why did they do this? Al Spalding complained that winning pennants in Boston had become monotonous. Really? Winning is monotonous? hahaha I think not!! He was going to a team where he could lose? Come on.

Being know as a “seceder” in the post Civil War era was not a term of endearment I think.

So, how did the clubs respond to this? They formed the National League on February 2, 1876. Seven teams joined with the President of the Chicago White Stockings to form the National League. Weird because this was the team that the “seceders” were jumping to. But it averted a big, big battle. The Braves (then known as the Boston Red Stockings) joined with the new league. It cost a $100 to be a member. Their motivation? I am guessing it was the stricter player contracts that would prevent “seceding”.