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It started out in the spring with a declaration that 2015 would be a rebuilding year. So true to that strategy, we sold off some great talent. 2016 – 2018 will show if it worked. All that meant for 2015 was a disaster with nothing in it for the fans.

I am loyal but I love it when we win. I hate it when we lose. The season isn’t over but it should be.

The 2015 Atlanta Braves were supposed to be a more fun team, focusing less on strikeouts and more on making contact at the plate. And while the team did strike out much less and did make more contact than in 2014, the offense was just as bad. The team’s pitching staff was also a trainwreck, pushing the Braves into a position they hadn’t been familiar with for 25 years – the battle for the #1 overall pick with the worst record in the National League.

Source: End of season post-mortem: 2015 Atlanta Braves