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When the Atlanta Braves announced before the season started that this would be a rebuilding year, I was skeptical. How can you start out the season admitting defeat?

Well, they did and they have. So now we have a race for the bottom. I guess our strategy is see how many games we can lose so we get the top draft pick next year.

I find this sad.

Contrary to what you may believe, the Braves are very much still alive. Alive for the No. 1 pick in the 2016 Draft, baby. Let’s do this.

After reaching .500 with a 42-42 mark on July 7, the Braves are — pause for dramatic effect — 12-34. That’s a .260 win percentage, which projects to a 42-120 record over a full 162-game season.Atlanta enters Monday’s series against the Marlins with a 54-76 record, which is fifth-worst in MLB. The Marlins and Phillies are currently tied for the worst record (and No. 1 pick) with 52-79 records, while the Rockies are 52-76 and the Reds are 53-76.

Source: The Braves’ race for No. 1 – Talking Chop