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Jim Tobin

Jim Tobin

Jim Tobin came to the Boston Bees in 1940 as a knuckler. He was a great one at that. But he was also a slugger who could hit with power. While Tobin played only one major league game at a position other than pitcher, he pinch-hit over 100 times in his major league career. The fine-hitting hurler batted .230/.303/.345 in the majors. He totaled 35 doubles, 17 homers and 102 RBI in 796 at-bats. Not bad for a pitcher.

It wasn’t a great time to come to Boston. Those were dark times to our beloved Braves. Tobin came to us from Pittsburgh. It was an off season trade right before the 1940 season. It would be the last season we would use the name “the Bees”.

In 1941, the great Casey Stengel, our manager, began using Tobin more and more. He hoped he could boost the moral of the club with some winning ways. It didn’t help the team. They continued to stink. Tobin excelled and became the most reliable starter we had. He led the club in wins and shutouts from 1941 to 1945.