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John Smoltz

John Smoltz

Here are a couple of comments from former team members on John Smoltz. A good man with a great heart.

“People are going to say that John Smoltz was the most competitive player they played with and a selfless teammate. … Those are true, but I hope in all the celebration of his accolades on the field, we don’t lose track of John Smoltz off the field. This is where he challenged me the most. He is a good man with a great heart.”

— Former Braves teammate Matt Diaz


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“I say this about John; he is the most gifted athlete I have ever shared a uniform with. He can do more than just throw a baseball, as many people know. He is also a tremendous person, and I believe his strong passion to be great in that area rivals his passion to be a great pitcher.”

–Former teammate C.J. Nitkowski

via MLB – John Smoltz: A Hall of Fame tribute.