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1954 was a good year for the Milwaukee Braves. Good but not great. Charlie Grimm was the manager.

Bobby Thomson

Bobby Thomson

They ended up 89-65 and finished third, six games behind. They thought they needed some power. The year before Broklyn ran away with the pennant. They hit 52 more home runs than Milwaukee in 1953.

And so, it seemed like a good idea to get Bobby Thomson. In 1951 he hit the “shot heard ’round the world” to win the pennant for the Giants. He was a powerhouse for sure, scoring over 100 runs for his last four years with the Giants.

It cost the Braves dearly to get him. In a six player deal they sent Johnny Antonelli to the Giants. And they got Bobby.

During spring training Thomson broke his ankle slidding into third base. He was out to mid season. Meanwhile, Antonelli pitched the Giants into the World Series. He won 21 games. He led the league in ERA and other pitching categories.

The Braves really helped the Giants that year but not themselves. So it goes with trades. It was not the “shot” they expected.