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MLB Draft

MLB Draft

Here is a short list of some of the players taken in the 1985 draft other than Smoltz that could be described as having good MLB careers.

To say that this draft was loaded is a huge understatement because, as it turns out, Smoltz is not even the best pitcher in his draft class (although his injury and switch to relief and back certainly clouds the debate a bit) as fellow 2015 Hall of Fame inductee Randy Johnson was selected in the second round by the Expos. Much has already been written about the brilliant careers and extracurricular activities of Bonds and Palmeiro, but fellow Hall of Famer Barry Larkin was also in this draft, drafted 4th overall by the Reds.

The 1985 draft was also directly kind to the Atlanta Braves as they would draft David Justice in the 4th round and he would become a key cog in their offense in the 1990s. Also, it turns out that Smoltz was not the only late round value pick in this draft as Randy Velarde and Mark Grace both parlayed late draft picks into really good MLB careers.

Barry Bonds – Pirates (1st Round)  162.4 WAR

Randy Johnson – Expos (2nd Round)  111.8 WAR

Rafael Palmeiro – Cubs (1st Round)  71.6 WAR

Barry Larkin – Reds (1st Round)  70.2 WAR

Will Clark – Giants (1st Round)  56.2 WAR

Mark Grace – Cubs (24th Round)  44.5 WAR

David Justice – Braves (4th Round)  40.4 WAR

BJ Surhoff – Brewers (1st Round)  34.3 WAR

Brady Anderson – Red Sox (10th Round)  32.6 WAR

Bobby Witt – Rangers (1st Round)  27.1 WAR

Randy Velarde – White Sox (19th Round)  22.5 WAR

Source: John Smoltz’s Draft: Who Else Was Drafted? – Talking Chop.