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John Smoltz

John Smoltz

John Smoltz has heart. He loves to play and compete. He would do anything to help the team win. That is just who he is.

As a baseball fan and someone who loves the Braves. I appreciate how John approached his lively-hood. Special and rare!

Special admiration should be reserved for: The pitcher who somehow squeezes a 22-year, Cy Young-punctuated career out of a right limb that has endured five surgeries, including Tommy John (before it was really cool) … the guy who transitions from starter to closer when it appears his career might be over and then, as if to prove everybody else an idiot again, manages to transition back to starter … the pro athlete who turns down more money in free agency because he wants to stay home and not lose the relationship he has with his manager.

via John Smoltz did it right and he did it clean | www.ajc.com.