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Hank Gowdy

Hank Gowdy

Hank Gowdy came to the Braves in 1911 and played through 1923 and again in 29 to 30. He was a great catcher. Let’s just call him the “other Hank” but he is a stand out all on his own. He was born in Columbus, Ohio on August 24, 1889. He passed away on August 1, 1966.

What a thrill it had to be for him to play for the Miracle Braves. He was the star of the stunning October sweep of the highly favored Philadelphia Athletics.

Gowdy was the starting catcher for only the 1914 to 1916 seasons. He played with the club in all but 3 of his 17 seasons.

He caught a few no-hitters. A great experience for any catcher. He caught one by George Davis in 1914 (the Miracle year) and for Tom Hughes in 1916.