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This is amazing. Cal McVey is a pitcher. He looses a game 7-54. That is right, he gave up 54 runs. I don’t think I can even calculate the ERA on that. That is in 1868. The team he lost to is the Cincinnati Red Stockings. The next year they hire Cal McVey for $700. They did however move him to right field. No more pitching for Cal.

While playing for Cincinnati, they had an 84 game winning streak going in 1869 and 1870. So what would you do when the game was tied 17 to 17? Walk off the field during a bad call and forfeit the game? Well, that is what happened. Winning streak over!!

Oh well, when the team folds that year, you continue your career with the Boston Red Stockings. Cal McVey is one of the “four seceders” who broke up the Boston Red Stockings. Controversy seemed to be part of his claim to fame.

And so, baseball continues. The Braves continue on.