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Frank Selee with the Boston Beaneaters

Frank Selee with the Boston Beaneaters – 1898

Being good enough in baseball is what it is about some days. The 1898 Braves (then known as the Boston Beaneaters) weren’t as good as they were in the previous season percentage wise. They ended up 6 games ahead to win the pennant. Frank Selee continuted to be a mastermind as the manager. Their record was 102-47.

So, they were good enough. They won 9 more games than the year before. Their winning percentage was .685 and a little lower than the year before.

Part of this is about statistics. This was the year that the National League expanded to the 154 game schedule. 102 wins was VERY good. It tied the 1892 pennant winners for a record. It stood until Bobby Cox and the Braves won 104 (of 162) in 1993.