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Billy Nash - Boston Beaneaters

Billy Nash – Boston Beaneaters

Maybe this has happened more than once but I have never heard of it. Billy Nash must have been a character. The Braves (then known as the Boston Beaneaters) had a great season in 1893. They won the pennant.

In a game with Brooklyn on May 19, the score was tied after 8 innings. It looked like Brooklyn would win the game. They scored 3 runs in the top of the ninth. Not good for the home team for sure. It is the bottom of the ninth. How many times have home team fans been in this situation?

Third baseman Billy Nash comes up to the plate. He is first up in the inning. So …. he whacks one over the left field fence. Here we go!!! But he didn’t run home as expected (even then). He stopped at third base. He settled for a triple. Why? WHY? So he could “bother the pitcher”. And boy did he. The Braves got three runs to tie the game.

In to the 10th we go. Both teams scored a run. Nash got his due. He hit another to tie it and this time took the homer. The Braves finally won in the 12th. 5-4 was the final.

I can’t imagine a player not taking a homer today. But, Billy Nash no longer plays.