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Boston Beaneaters

Boston Beaneaters

The 1886 Boston Beaneaters finished 5th (out of 8) in the National League. 56 wins and 61 loses with a .479 record. It was a tough year being 30.5 games out of first. First went to the Chicago White Stockings who had a .726 record of 90-34. Of course, it could have been worse. The Washington Nationals were in last with a 28-92 .233 record.

John Morrill was the manager and in his 5th year. Things had been steadily going downhill for him since winning the NL pennant in 1883. John also played in 117 games that year with a .247 batting average.

They played at the South End Grounds I.

And the players were ….

Myron Allen – A second baseman who at age 32, he played 1 game at second. He had 3 At Bats, striking out once with no hits. Ouch!!!

Charlie Buffinton – Pitched and played 1st. He played in 44 games with a .290 Batting Average. He had a 7-10 record as pitcher and was the third starter. With a 4.59 ERA he had 151 innings pitched.

Jack Burdock – Played in 59 games at second base. A veteran of 15 years, he ended the year with a .217 Batting Average.

Con Daily – Primarily a catcher (49 games) who played in 50 games. In 180 At Bats, he ended up with a .239 Batting Average.

Pat Dealy – One of the 3 catchers. At age 24, he played in 15 games.

Tom Gunning – Caught in 27 games. He had a .224 batting average.

Joe Hornung – At age 29, he played in 94 games. He played outfield and ended the season with a .257 batting average. Joe had the highest fielding percentage with .948 in 210 chances.

Dick Johnston – An outfielder who at age 23, he played in 109 games. He had a .240 batting average.

John Morrill – The short stop hit .247 for the year and led the team with 7 home runs. He also had the most runs scored with 86 and the second most RBI’s with 69. John had the most doubles with 25. John had the most walks at 56. Interesting that he also had struck out the most with 81 for the season.

Billy Nash – Billy had the second most hits with 117. The third baseman was 21 and played in 109 games.

Charlie Parsons – A pithcer who played in 2 games.

Tom Poorman – A 28 year old out fielder. He led the team with 31 stolen bases. He had a .261 batting average with 97 hits in 371 at bats.

Old Hoss Radbourn – An eventual Hall of Famer. He played in 66 games, 58 as the pitcher. He was the highest paid player at $4,000. He had a 27-31 record for the year with a 3.0 ERA. He pitched more than anyone else with 509.1 innings of duty. He gave up 18 home runs with 218 strike outs. He walked 111.

Bill Stemmyer – A 21 year old pitcher. He had a 22-18 record with a 3.02 ERA and .550 W-L percentage. He pitched the second most innings with 348.2. he gave up 300 hits and 218 runs. He led the team with strike outs at 239.

Ezra Sutton – Ezra was a utility player with a .277 batting average, he had the most At Bats with 499 in a 116 games played. A utility player who saw action in the out field, 3B, SS and 2B. At age 36, also the oldest player on the team. He had the most hits on the team with 138 and the most total bases with 180.

Pop Tate – Pop played in 31 games and was a catcher. He had a .226 batting average.

Sam Wise – Sam played in 96 games and was the first baseman. At age 28, Sam had the most triples with 12. He also had 4 home runs with a .289 batting average (the best on the team). He led the team with 31 stolen bases (tied with Tom Poorman.