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Warren Spahn - Milwaukee Braves

Warren Spahn – Milwaukee Braves

Warren Spahn had a pretty straight forward approach to pitching. He once described his approach on the mound: “Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.” He seemed to have something there.

He won more games than any other left handed pitcher with an amazing 363. He won more than any post 1920 live ball era. Generally he is thought to be the best pitcher ever. Of course, he played for the Braves while they were in Boston. He played for 21 seasons. All of that was in the National League.

For 13 different seasons, he won 20 games or more. Even when he was 42, he could go 23-7. He won the Cy Young Award in 1957 and was runner up three times. He made it into the Hall of Fame in 1973.

And, did I mention, he played for the Braves?