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Billy Southworth

Billy Southworth

Billy Southworth is the manager in 1947. He had his first season as manager in 1946. The changes he brought to the team now appeared to not short term luck. The finished third in 1947, 8 games behind. They had their best winning percentage (.558) since 1916. They came closer to first than they had in a while.

On April 15, the Braves played against the Brooklyn Dodgers in Jackie Robinson’s first game. Johnny Sain threw the first pitch against Robinson.  Behind 3-2, Robinson scored the game-winning run against the Braves. The final score was 5-3 for Brooklyn.

The winds of change were blowing and the fans sensed it for sure. It was in 1916 that team under “Miracle Man” George Stallings had done pretty good. This year they were better. They had very good hitting and pretty good pitching. They led the league with .275 team batting average. Now how was that? Combined with pitching of 3.62 ERA, second in the league, the winds were definitely blowing. Good stuff to come.