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Phil Niekro

Phil Niekro

1984 brought a whole new course for the Atlanta Braves. It would be a year without Phil Niekro. After two decades, he was now a New York Yankee. He won 16 games with the Yankees. No one on the Braves could match that.

The Braves had an 80-82 record, tied for second in the West in 1984.. They were 12 games behind the leader. It was Joe Torre’s 3rd year as Manager. Having a sub-.500 record wasn’t good news for anyone.

An interesting side note about Phil was that he was the last MLB pitcher to have both won and lost 20 or more games in the same season. In 1979, he finished with 21 wins and 20 losses. His third and final 20-win season came in 1979; it was also the second and final year that he lost 20 games