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Dave Bancroft - Boston Braves

Dave Bancroft – Boston Braves

Is there a club for managers who loose 100 games? Probably not and if there is, you don’t hear a lot about it.

Loosing 100 games as a manager is devastating. Doing it twice in row is inviting disaster. Somehow Fred Tenney did it as the Boston manager in 1907. Fred Mitchell, however, couldn’t do it after 1922 – 23.

So, in came Dave Bancroft in 1924. How did he do? Lost 100!! Yep, he was 53-100 finishing eight and 40 games behind. Go figure.

Dave was known for being a pretty bright guy. He came to us from the Giants. Who did he bring with him? Well, a pretty eccentric outfielder. Casey Stengel was the man. Bill Cunningham came with Casey. Out went Billy Southworth and Joe Oeschger.

Nicknamed “Beauty” for his penchant for calling good pitches “beauties”, he played from 1915 to 1930, for the Philadelphia PhilliesNew York GiantsBoston Braves, and Brooklyn Robins.