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Boston Doves - Joe Kelly Manager - 1908

Boston Doves – Joe Kelly Manager – 1908

I don’t think a lot of this nickname. But then again this is the Braves I am talking about.

In 1907 they changed from the Beaneaters to the Doves. It didn’t seem to help since they finished 7th in the pennant race with a record of 58-90. They were a dismal 47 games behind first.

There isn’t much to say about losing 90 games in a season. One bright spot during a 90-loss season came on May 8, when Big Jeff Pfeffer pitched a no-hitter in a 6-0 home win over the Cincinnati RedsThe only other bright spot was the St. Louis Cardinals lost 101 games that year.

Fred Tenney continued as manager. What is weird is that this was an improvement over the previous year. Go figure.

The Dovey brothers operated the club. Before the 1907 season, longtime Boston Beaneaters owner Arthur Soden sold the team to the Dovey Brothers. They thought their name would be better than the Beaneaters. They also improved the South End Grounds where they played at the time. They added a new scoreboard (to keep up with the opponents runs better???) and cushioned a few seats. How about some better players? Hmm, there is a thought.

There is one thing in baseball we know for sure. You can’t fire the owners.