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Cal McVeyCal McVey was born on August 30, 1849 in Montrose, Iowa. At age 11, he moved to Indianapolis. It is in Indianapolis that he learns to play baseball playing on several teams as he grew older. He played on teams in the Active and Western clubs. Those teams were with the National Association of Base Ball Players.  He played with the Actives in 1868 and usually pitched.

Cal played for two very early baseball teams. First he was on the original Cincinnati Red Stockings. Read more in “What is the ERA for this game?” to learn more about his 7-54 defeat.

After that he was on our National Association Boston Red Stockings.

He is also well known for playing on the first National League pennant winning team in 1876, the Chicago White Stockings. Now that is a whole lot of stocking teams.

Now I don’t blame Cal for this, in fact, I think it is kind of cool. He moved to San Francisco in the 1880’s. He continued baseball playing and managing. So, compared to the tough winters in Boston, he ends up retiring there. Cal died in San Francisco on August 20, 1926. The Boston Braves were closing up a pretty disastrous season in 1926. They ended the season with a 66-86 record. We can’t see his grave as he was cremated.

He had some pretty good career statistics. His batting average was.346. He scored 555 runs and batted in 448.

He played or managed on some great and not so well known teams.

National Association of Base Ball Players

Active of Indianapolis (1868)

Cincinnati Red Stockings (1869–1870)

League player

Boston Red Stockings (1871–1872, 1874–1875)

Baltimore Canaries (1873)

Chicago White Stockings (1876–1877)

Cincinnati Reds (1878–1879)

League manager

Baltimore Canaries (1873)

Cincinnati Reds (1878–1879)

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