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Jason Heyward - Opening Day 2010

Jason Heyward – Opening Day 2010

Opening day is a special day for those of us who love baseball. It is a day of hope. The slate of the last season has been wiped away.

115 years is a long time. But when you are the Braves, history is on your side. As the oldest, most continuous playing team in baseball, you have lots of history.

The 16-5 romp on April 5, 2010 was the Braves’ biggest Opening Day romp in 115 years, since a 21-6 pasting of the Baltimore Orioles in 1896. On April 5, 2010, the Braves beat the Chicago Cubs 16-5 at Turner Field.

It was a great day for Jason Howard. He caught the ceremonial first pitch from Hank Aaron. For most of us, that would been enough. But not for Jason. In his first major league at-bat, he crushed a three-run homer. He also had a run-scoring single in the eight and went 2-5 for the day. The 20-year-old Heyward became the sixth Braves player to homer in his debut, the fourth to do so in his first plate appearance. Jordan Schafer also did it last season. The other Braves to homer in their first plate appearances were Joe Harrington (1895); Johnny Bates (1906) and Jermaine Dye (1996).

“It was something of an embarrassing loss. Never did I anticipate we’d give up 16 runs on opening day, not in my wildest dreams.” ~~Cubs manager Lou Piniella

And so, it was a historic opening day in 2010. And the Braves continue on. Read the game recap here.