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Boston Braves Logo

Boston Braves Logo

The 1948 World Series, which the Braves lost in 6 games to the Indians (who beat the Red Sox in a one-game playoff to spoil an all-Boston World Series), turned out to be the Braves’ last hurrah in Boston. Amid four mediocre seasons, attendance steadily dwindled.

Lou Perini was a pretty shrewd owner. On March 11, 1953, the Boston Braves’ owner proposes a ban on any major league franchise shift to an existing minor league city until October 1st. Boston, who owns the Milwaukee minor league franchise‚ had invoked its territorial privilege to block the Browns’ attempt to shift their franchise to Milwaukee.

On March 13, 1953, Perini, who had recently bought out his original partners, announced he was moving the team to Milwaukee, thus becoming the Milwaukee Braves. Also in Milwaukee was the Braves’ top farm club, the Brewers. Milwaukee had long been a possible target for relocation.