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This first card above is beyond interesting. The very idea of baseball cards featuring players in “regular” clothes is ridiculous. Is there anyone who wanted to see Chipper Jones dressed in shorts and a long sleeve shirt standing in front of cacti? This is another bad baseball card.

Coming into the 1992 season, Chipper Jones had solidified his standing as one of baseball’s top prospects with his outstanding season at Macon in 1991. Topps and Upper Deck were both looking to get him into products again. Upper Deck released a minor league product in 1992 that was, shall we say, underwhelming. Like most products of this type, the set featured card after card of players that would never wear a major league uniform. The set may not be that great, but Chipper’s card, featuring him in the great Durham Bulls uniform, is outstanding. The pose is variation of the pose on the 1991 Score card, but is far more effective.

Topps would include him on a four prospect card in their 1992 base set, but it was his Stadium Club card, one of three “First Draft Picks” cards inserted into Stadium Club Series 3, that makes the better impression. It features the crisp, photo quality stock that made Stadium Club such a sensation in the early 90s. The photograph itself is a great shot of Chipper’s batter’s eye. Well, as good a shot as you could get with a posed photograph.