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Bill McKechnie

Bill McKechnie

1933 was a year of improvements for the Boston Braves. In fact, they had the best record since 1921. The Braves ended up over .500 with a record of 83-71. They finished fourth, 9 games behind the leader. Bill McKechnie was kept on as the manager. Under his leadership, they were actually in the pennant race much of the season.

It was the middle of the depression and baseball was a welcome distraction in Boston. They Braves moved ahead by the fundamentals of improved pitching and a solid defense.

Wally Berger helped a lot. He had 27 of the team’s 54 home runs. Previous years had seen a decline in his power but not 1933. He was the only Brave to be in the first ever All-Star Game. It was held in Chicago on July 6 at the famed Comiskey Park.