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Bobby Cox - Manager - Atlanta Braves

Bobby Cox – Manager – Atlanta Braves

There were four candidates for the job. It is a very good job if you can handle the stress.

You are competing against Ken Boyer, Tommie Aaron (Hank’s brother) and Hall of Fame Catcher Yogi Berra.

You are a former major league infielder of no great distinction. You are 36 and would be the youngest man ever to hold this kind of job. You have managed in the minors (the Syracuse Chiefs) but never the majors. If you get the job, you replace Dave Bristol.

The wild card in all of this is that Ted Turner is making the decision.

And so, Bobby Cox became the youngest manager in the history of baseball in 1978. The Braves had a record of 69-93. They finished sixth in the Western Division. They ended up 26 games behind the leader.