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Eddie Stanky Boston Braves

Eddie Stanky Boston Braves

What happens when “The Brat” slides into “The Bull”? The Brat breaks his ankle and that is what happened to Eddie Stanky when he slid into third against Brooklyn’s Bruce “The Bull” Edwards on July 8, 1948. That ended the season for him.

Eddie played for the Braves in 1948 and 1949. Eddie was born on September 3,1916 in Philadelphia. He was a very good second baseman for the Dodgers. So much so, when the Braves needed a good middle fielded, Owner Lou Perini brought him onto the club. Manager Billy Southworth agreed that if they were going to make a run for first, they needed strength at second. With a rookie Al Dark at short, they needed a sure hand.

Too bad his 1948 season would be so short.