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George Stallings

George Stallings

There are seasons and then there are SEASONS. 1914 was an amazing one for the Boston Braves (now in Atlanta). It was George Stallings second season as manager.

This was the season known as the “Miracle Braves of 1914″.

The Facts: 94-59. Finished first. 10 1/2 games ahead. An amazing year and an amazing story.

So you are George Stallings. Your team is dead last in the eight team National League on July 18. Not only last but what we know as dead last. No hope. But …

Some more facts. The second half you are 51-16 (.761). You win the last 34 of 44 games (.773).

Not only were you last at the second half turn, you end up leading by 10 1/2 games. No cliff hangers or doubts about the end there. So you go to the World Series to face the Philadelphia Athletics. Connie Mack’s team is favored.

The Braves sweep them in 4 games for the first time in World Series history. So George is labeled the “Miracle Man” and the Braves are known as the “Miracle Braves”.