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Fred Lake

Fred Lake

A change doesn’t always bring the results you want. It was change though. 1910 brought the fifth new manager in four seasons. Fred Lake would be at the helm.

The Boston Doves (now known as the Atlanta Braves) would end up in eight place that season, 50 1/2 games out of first. They had a record of 53-100. Yep, they lost a hundred games. That still amazes me. How do you lose a hundred games.

Fred was a catcher. He played for Boston in 1891 and again in 1897. They won the pennant that year. It is thought he wasn’t that great of a catcher. In 1910 he wasn’t that great of a manager either.

1910 would also be the last year for the use of the name “The Doves”. Good riddance.