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Al Lopez

Al Lopez

Imagine being a catcher for the Boston Bees in the late 1930’s? Al Lopez played for the Bees (now known as the Atlanta Braves) from 1936 to 1940. He was born in Tampa, Florida on August 20, 1908. He batted and threw as a right hander. At 5’11” he was a good size for a catcher at the time.

He may have been one of the best catchers the Braves have ever seen. But, he played on a pretty dismal Braves team so who knew? They were so bad they changed their name to the Bees. They thought it might improve their fortunes. Didn’t work did it?

I love this story. Hall of Fame umpire Bill Klem ejected Lopez from a game before its inception after Lopez pasted, onto home plate, a photo he clipped from a newspaper, which showed Klem clearly in error calling a play involving Lopez. The catcher had covered the photo with dirt and waited for Klem to brush off home plate