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I wouldn’t think there would be a controversy on baseball team names. You would think the history would be clear. But amazingly enough, for 1876 to 1882, some still called them the Red Stockings, some called them the Red Caps and others the Braves during those years.

The Braves franchise began in 1876 in Boston, moved to a Milwaukee in 1953, and came to a stop in Atlanta in 1966. Over the course of a century-plus they have seen three cities and many different official names.

So, I will use the following as the “official” reference but I could be wrong. 🙂

  • Boston Red Caps 1876-1882
  • Boston Beaneaters 1883-1906
  • Boston Doves 1907-1910
  • Boston Rustlers 1911-1911
  • Boston Braves 1912-1935
  • Boston Bees 1936-1940
  • Boston Braves 1941-1952
  • Milwaukee Braves 1953-1965
  • Atlanta Braves 1966-Today